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About NS People Pioneers in People Powered Excellence

Dive into business and HR transformations with seamless post-merger HR integration, expertly blending cultures to maximise deal value. Leverage our on-demand Chief People Officer services, and harness HR Transformation expertise tailored for scaling enterprises and established organisations. Navigate the complexities of today’s business with a partner who understands the future. Let’s build a unified tomorrow, together!


Our Approach 

We are your growth transformation catalysts – Our methodology blends your business objectives with people-centric strategies. We optimize your operations and mitigate growth risks while fostering inclusivity and excellence.

Our Mission is to amplify your organization’s growth potential through strategic people leadership and integration. We optimize efficiency, elevate engagement, and ignite sustainable growth that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our vision is to flawlessly integrate people into growing organizations while protecting your business’s bottom line. We believe in building high performing  teams that fuel growth and spark innovation.

Our Core Values 

Practical Excellence

Our grounded, effective solutions thrive on brilliant task accomplishment, ensuring impactful outcomes that resonate

Balanced Agility

We excel in balancing business and people needs, confronting challenges with agility.

Expert Adaptation

Navigating dynamic environments with our expertise, we pivot preparedly.

Collaborative Solutions

Seamless teamwork is the heart of our success, fueled by tireless dedication and joy in the process.

Meet Ness Sbai Your Growth Transformation Catalyst and NS People Founder

Ness Sbai is a dedicated visionary, seasoned leader, and catalyst for transformative change. She has been guiding fast-paced organizations through intricate mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. 

NS People came to life because of her dedication to supercharge businesses, leading them to new heights with innovative people practices that seamlessly align with business value.

Her Background and Expertise

From startups to enterprises, she shaped excellence for all business types. Her journey reflects practical know-how and innovative thinking. She is adept in aligning business objectives with people-centric strategies to accelerate seamless post-merger HR integration, drive successful HR transformations and support scale-ups in achieving their (hyper)growth ambitions through People.

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